About Us

At Guitar Addict, we're here for YOU, the customer. Our goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchasing experience, so that you'll come back to us in the future, not just by yourself, but also with your friends that want to get a taste of the awesome experience we provide!


Our company is filled with music from the products, to the staff, to the atmosphere, to the office space itself (even if it's a has-been insurance company building!). You're always bound to hear music either being played from a music device or played by one of our staff on a guitar right by their desk. Our staff knows what music and how to make music happen is about, so you're guaranteed knowledgeable feedback on any questions you may have on items you want to purchase. Just keep in mind that our staff is here for YOU!


With us you're guaranteed:

  • Professional Music Advice
  • Friendly, Helpful Support
  • Fast, Free Shipping
  • Ideal Gear Selection
  • One of the Best Online Music Technology Resources



We look forward to providing you with stellar service that lives up to our goal of the Guitar Addict name! In the future, our plan is to make that level of service accelerate to match with your needs and those around you!