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Curious how did you come to that conclusion? TEST Methology? I have the Zalman NC3000, the Thermaltake Masive23, and the NZXT Cryo LX 17 wide dual 120mm fan vosrien and according to my testing on various laptops i get the best temp's on the zalman cool! On top of that, it's Quitter, and cools the whole base on the Notbook PC due to the large circular fan , i have laptops that have venting on top that the Cryo just? can not get two due to the dual smaller fans located in the middle

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Sita, the title of this post caught my aiotntetn and I HAD to check it out! I was/(still am) a HUGE Evie fan!!! My sister and I actually had a chance to meet her when we were in our teens when she came to Toronto with a Billy Graham Crusade. We have pictures with her, home movies, her Mom used to write to us...in fact, we own the first album she ever released when she was 14 years old!!! Your post has brought back a flood of wonderful memories. We used to watch John Wesley White every Sunday afternoon on TV just so we could see our 4'11" friend.This has been a fun visit!Blessings,Joy

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